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SSI Independent Diving Specialty Course

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How experienced do you need to be to dive alone? Do you dive alone as an Instructor? These are the common questions new divers will ask their Instructor. The SSI Independent Diver specialty course is a course designed to train divers to dive independently, without compromising safety. 

“Self-sufficiency” will be the keyword of this course. We will train you to always have a strong awareness to your personal and environmental condition. You learn how to do proper dive planning, observe and adhere to personal limitations, and accident prevention in and out of water.

Who is it for

In short, the SSI Independent Diver Specialty course is commonly sought-after by experienced underwater photographers and videographers who yearn for personal liberty underwater.

However, if you have 75 logged dives or more, and you would like to learn what it takes to dive independently, you are encouraged to enroll in the course. You will become a reliable diver on your buddy team, which is always a strong and calming presence for everyone.

This course is very popular to combine with the SSI Recreational Sidemount Course, which will enable you to dive with two separate breathing air delivery systems, as required in this course.



• Starting Age is 18, the SSI Independent Diver program is generally not available for Junior Divers and can only be taken by individuals older than 18 years, because proper judgment and responsibility is needed in diving independently.

• Must have completed the Advanced Adventurer program ( or higher ) or hold an equivalent rating from a recognized agency.

• Logged no less than 75 open water dives totaling 50 hours or more.

• Have completed the following Specialty Courses or provide proof of experience by showing a minimum 5 logged dives in the following Specialty areas: Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility Diving and Deep Diving. The proof can be signed and stamped by an active SSI Instructor.

• Be certified in Diver Stress and Rescue or equivalent

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