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SSI Public Safety Diver

Introducing SSI’s New Public Safety Diving Programs

January 16, 2024

Here at SSI, we believe that divers can never take safety too seriously. Our new Public Safety Diving programs, including the SSI Public Safety Diver and the SSI Rescue Team Diver, are a new and comprehensive approach to Public Safety Diver training.

Powered by Dive Rescue International, these programs utilize SSI’s industry-leading digital learning and education platform to create safe and highly skilled Public Safety Divers. Becoming a Public Safety Diver is a vital role for any scuba diver. You will learn key safety skills and knowledge that will help you to provide a high level of help in an emergency and make the world a safer place.

Would you love to become part of a Public Safety Diving team? Read on to find out what to expect.

What is a Public Safety Diver?

A Public Safety Diver is a diver who performs diving work in situations that pose a risk to the safety of the public. Often employed by the police, fire service, army, lifeguards, or ambulance service, a Public Safety Diver might be involved in search and recovery missions or other vital parts of a rescue or an investigation.

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What to expect from SSI’s Public Safety Diving programs

SSI Public Safety Diver

The Public Safety Diver program is a four-day certification program where you will be introduced to brand-new skills and procedures. This includes using new equipment, experiencing scene handling, communications, and going through documentation requirements for a public safety diving operation.

The course is made up of four open water dives, during which you will practice skills including compass navigation, knot tying, search pattern techniques, victim recovery, rope-pull communications, and rescue techniques for a distressed Public Safety Diver. 

The Public Safety Diver program is a prerequisite course required to sign up for the SSI Rescue Team Diver program.

SSI Rescue Team Diver

The SSI Rescue Team Diver program is available for scuba divers who are already part of a public safety diving team. The program develops knowledge and skills and provides the training to become a key member of a public safety dive team.

The four-day Rescue Team Diver program includes the methods and skills required to respond to in-water incidents. This includes learning multiple search pattern techniques, working in extremely low visibility, using a body recovery system effectively, and many more important skills.

To be a Public Safety Diver you must first have excellent diving skills, especially buoyancy. Poor buoyancy control is dangerous in low visibility conditions, especially when there are hazards around. 

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What is Dive Rescue International?

Dive Rescue International (DRI) is the most recognized agency for Public Safety Diving. This organization has over 40 years of experience providing Public Safety Diving professionals with the highest quality education, equipment, and support. We have partnered with DRI to develop our Public Safety Diving training.

Where can you join an SSI Public Safety Diver program?

If you are thinking of becoming an SSI Public Safety Diver, check out the SSI Center Locator to find a center near you that offers the program and get started!


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