• SSI Professional Crossover

SSI Professional Crossover

SSI Professional Crossover

Divemaster Crossover                $750.00

Assistant Instructor Crossover    $950.00

Instructor Crossover                    $950.00


Calling All Dive Professionals – Why Choose SSI?

November 1, 2021Being a part of the SSI family as either an SSI Training Center or Professional gives you unparalleled access to responsive, world-class customer service and a seemingly endless list of programs and benefits. We are dedicated to supporting you and your customers, so you can create the career or business of your dreams. Read on to find out why more dive professionals than ever are choosing SSI.  

Why Choose SSI?

With over 3,500 SSI Training Centers across the globe, SSI has fast become the world’s largest business-based training agency. For more than 50 years, we have helped our training centers and dive professionals by providing quality training materials, business and marketing solutions that increase business. Thanks to our broad range of specialty programs, more people are choosing to continue their education and begin their careers as dive professionals with SSI. With our innovative digital learning platform, a growing percentage of new divers are choosing SSI over other training agencies. These ever-increasing numbers can be attributed to the time and effort we put into developing world-class training materials and the unsurpassed level of customer service offered by SSI Training Centers around the world.

Our global network is your greatest strength.

SSI’s global network is one of your greatest strengths as a dive professional or center. It allows you to stay connected to customers around the world and provides unique ways to keep them engaged. Marketing is crucial to a thriving business, but it does not have to be complicated. We offer countless ways for you to engage easily with your customer base - both virtually and in person. 

Starting from

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Be seen by customers around the world.

1. Engage with 800,000 social media fans.

With 800,000 social media fans and growing every day, SSI has a loyal following that you can access at any time. By reposting SSI’s content and tagging SSI in your social media posts, you can quickly increase your viewership and reach potential customers. It takes minimal effort on your part. Digital marketing has never been so easy.

2. Advertise to a global audience on MySSI.

The MySSI App is unlike any other client tool in the industry and helps you reach a global audience with your training and event dates. The dive center locator tool allows your customers to find you quickly and you can interact online, verify your student dive logs and more. Put simply, MySSI is your best and most direct advertising tool and will help you fill your SSI training programs with ease. 

3. Help customers to find you with MyDiveGuide.

MyDiveGuide has quickly become one of the most comprehensive dive site locators and travel websites on the internet today. By affiliating your Training Center with dive sites in your area, new divers and those looking to dive near you can easily find your center when they research where to go. With over 4,000 dive sites, thrilling specialist dives, and weekly featured destinations, MyDiveGuide is an invaluable tool that helps your customers find you and dive with you. EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH MYDIVEGUIDE.

Say hello to over 30 SSI Service Centers.

We know that reaching your customers is not just about using online platforms. When it comes to sharing your passion for diving and building your business or career, you cannot beat face-to-face conversations. Established in 1970, we have expanded to include more than 30 SSI Service Centers and we are represented in more than 3,500 Training Centers in 150 countries. Our Service Centers provide invaluable support to SSI Training Centers and dive professionals like you. We are committed to serving you and are always available and keen to be your industry partner. Our global in-person presence, combined with our client tools and social media following, make it easy for you to grow a profitable business that lasts. DISCOVER WORLDWIDE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SSI PROFESSIONALS.

Grow your revenue with more than 70 SSI Programs.

SSI’s digital training sets a new standard in online learning and offers 24/7 access to more than 70 digital programs in over 40 languages. We offer multiple courses within these areas:

By offering specialty programs in all of SSI’s disciplines, you will be able to attract all types of water enthusiasts and satisfy your customers' aquatic dreams. There are over 50,000 SSI Pros worldwide available to help teach your customers everything from Try Scuba to Mermaid Model. By working with SSI Pros and offering continuing education programs, you can keep your customers actively engaged whilst building a thriving, resilient business. READ MORE: WHAT IS SSI XR DIVING? THE REAL STORY.

Join the best dive professionals.

With our broad range of programs, there is no limit to your SSI Pro ambitions. You can follow your passion to create a career that suits you and earn income from almost any program you want to teach. We are renowned for our flexible approach to teaching and offer numerous benefits for SSI Pros, helping them to become the best they can be.

1. High-quality instruction sets SSI apart from the rest.

SSI is a founding member of the RSTC and many of our programs have the coveted ISO qualification. The SSI Training Philosophy ensures that you and your customers get the best instruction possible with rigorous quality control standards. If you want to be among - and learn from - the best dive professionals, it is time to join SSI.

2. Enjoy a flexible approach to teaching.

When teaching SSI courses, you can be flexible in your methods and adapt your training to meet your students’ needs and personal experience. This is why many dive professionals crossover to SSI. This approach allows you to grow your students' confidence at their pace; by changing the order of the skills you teach and choosing how you get each student through the skills. You can leave the skills they find difficult until later in the course or get them done early if your students prefer the challenge. With this personal approach to training, the choice is yours. DOWNLOAD THE MYSSI APP TO FIND THE NEXT PRO PROGRAM DATES NEAR YOU.

3. Earn SSI Professional Recognition ratings to attract more students.

SSI Professional Recognition ratings symbolize your success and help your dive résumé stand out from the crowd. They are one of the best ways to attract students to your business and you will earn them automatically as you teach.

4. Join SSI’s unique cash-back system.

The SSI Pro Rewards Program is our way of giving back to SSI Professionals. We cannot put a price on your hard work and loyalty, but we can reward you with real money! You earn Pro Rewards for every certification you issue and each new instructor rating you complete. You can redeem these Pro Rewards at any time during the year to purchase Professional Kits online. 

5. Help protect our oceans.

As a water enthusiast, we know you are already passionate about ocean conservation and want to protect the dive sites and destinations you love. With the SSI Blue Oceans initiative, you can. SSI Blue Oceans supports the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic environments and educates others about the plight of the oceans and how to protect them. As an SSI Professional, you can be a part of the SSI Blue Oceans movement and teach others how to be responsible divers. With all of these benefits and more, we hope you are inspired to become a part of the SSI family. Join us and we look forward to seeing you in the water!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BECOME AN SSI PROFESSIONAL TODAY!

Choose your way to become an SSI Professional.

You can choose your SSI Pro pathway from a variety of training options in each of our disciplines. Get inspired by the range of SSI Professional courses and enroll today.

How do I crossover to SSI?

To crossover to SSI, simply download the MySSI app, create your free account and use our step-by-step crossover tool. It could not be easier to become an SSI Professional. USE OUR STEP-BY-STEP CROSSOVER TOOL ON MYSSI.

Looking for a job with SSI?

Browse the SSI Job Database and apply for the job of your dreams. We are constantly growing and have plenty of career opportunities for you. BROWSE SSI CAREER OPPORTUNITIES.



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